Beyond Civility


I just wrote two long political rants for Facebook and deleted both of them. Those sentiments are probably more suitable for this much-neglected blog where I don’t have to be so pithy.

Let me summarize the rants in caveman speak: Trump bad. Trump sycophants bad. How’s that? Yeah, sure, you’ve heard it before. This is more about how I plan to interact with them.

Moving forward, I’ll no longer walk on eggshells politely debating Trump supporters while they prop up one of the most uncivil leaders in history. They’ve chosen to ally themselves with disrespectful, mean-spirited demagoguery. There should be a consequence to that association. Engaging that cult with a “play nice” posture is enabling for them.

To some of my more liberal friends: You want to be nice? Kudos to you. You’re probably better humans than me.

Please don’t tell me to take the high road and pile on the stress that comes with internalizing my true feelings. I’ve tried that. I’m calling a spade a spade. If my blood pressure is going to spike, the other guy should at least feel something. Trump supporters shouldn’t be able to demand civility while splashing around in the fan club of a provocateur. And the rest of us should not let them off the hook.

I’m getting old and cranky. I just want to enjoy my guitar, my dog, my poor friends, my gay friends, my Latino friends, my Muslim friends, my Black friends…You get the message. That’s not just rhetoric. Unlike much of the Trumpland populace, I’ve been blessed with dear friends in all those categories.

If you are one of the intolerant ones spewing the not-so-subtle White Nationalist talking points seeping down from rightwing media, go screw yourself. If you find merit in the likes of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, or WhoTF else, fine. Keep away from me. There are 7.7 billion people on the planet. You certainly don’t need me for anything.

On Facebook, I try to vet people who send me friend requests. I check their timelines for posts and memes I don’t want to be associated with. Sometimes I get the old bait and switch and find nasty anti-liberal political memes on my feed. I will randomly “go off” on some of them.

Understand I don’t mind thoughtful, conservative, debatable stuff. But if all you ever have to contribute is a “funny” meme painting the other side as “evil,” then you’re basically an idiot, or someone too lazy to garner any real respect for your views.

I’m guilty of posting provocative memes, too, but I attempt to intersperse them with a  balance of reason, facts, and a studied read of the issues.

Most of us don’t thrive on all this bad blood. I would suggest rather than complain about millions of people like me who need to voice their pain, vote it away.