That Guy

Today, I feel like “that guy.”

You know, that guy you didn’t pick to be on your basketball team and he shuts down your best player, giving you no chance to win.

I’m that employee guy you laid off because company funds were low and you end up paying him five times his salary in consultant fees.

I’m that unpretentious martial artist who flies under the radar until you find yourself matched up against him and it becomes “ohhhh shit” time.

I’m that band member who takes over and saves your gig when the “star” didn’t show.

You don’t want to mess with that guy.

Yesterday, I was that guy you called when your world was falling apart. So on some level you always knew who “that guy’ was.

Maybe I’m not really your guy, but I bet you have one you don’t fully appreciate. Take a moment to figure out who that guy is.


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