The Thing About Ghosts

You believe in ghosts.

Just admit it.

Emerging from the spirit world, they make themselves known to you in many ways. And when they do you can’t shake that creepy feeling that something is happening beyond your control. It’s a duality of an expressive energy insisting to be acknowledged, yet remain hidden.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking. Hear me out.

It’s easy to dismiss the entire concept when referencing historical stereotypes of “ghosts.” Most of those are complete BS. You know, the apparition of a Confederate general at the top of a staircase in some antebellum tourist trap. Yada yada yada.

When you really delve into it, discrediting such stereotypes becomes quite easy. How did you know it was a Confederate general? Well, the uniform, of course. That’s your first clue right there. Real ghosts are naked.

Buck naked.

Think about it. By definition, a ghost is “a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image.” That concept demands the conversion of the human body into a spirit. Or, perhaps, a spirit contained within a human body exiting at the time of death. Hence,”nebulous.” It’s safe to assume wool, cotton blends, polyester, etc., do not possess the capacity to participate in this metamorphosis.

Now, take that one step further and assume the spirit retains the human intelligence, learned values, and experiences from its previous form. Finding itself newly unclothed, it for damn sure doesn’t want to be seen like that.

Ghosts are embarrassed, and probably quite chilly.

Every ghost is aware that if he or she were revealed as an apparition, you’d be too distracted by the raw reality, and unable to focus on any other point they may wish to convey. Thus, they are relegated to poking and nudging you as invisible entities.

Now you know.