Christmas in Aleppo

Aleppo is dominating the news this morning. Millions have lost their homes and the slaughter continues.

Uncountable deaths of innocent people.

Immeasurable devastation and tragedy throughout one of the world’s oldest cities.

Simple loving families a lot like (y)ours are still caught in the middle of a clusterf@ck of not-so-innocent dictators battling revolutionaries and whacked out terrorist groups.  All vying for power in the hell they’ve created.

Yet, several world leaders are being demonized for helping the refugees. Imagine that. I simply can’t.

Rather than an extreme vetting process, I propose a hug line. Force each refugee to pass through hundreds of welcomers willing to make an attempt at squeezing the anger and sadness out of them. Huggers who will look the victims square in their eyes and say, “Merry Christmas.”

Instead of parading them like cattle into cold bureaucratic prison-like facilities, hand out mugs of fresh eggnog and hot chocolate.


Contrary to the sanctimonious rantings of our fear-mongering politicians, it’s not possible to exterminate a religion or an ideology, but over time we might be able to change its perception of us.

But that’s just my view.

I’ve personally discovered that there are kind, beautiful people everywhere on Earth. If you don’t believe this, I can guarantee you have not traveled much or ventured beyond the “tourist zones.”

I’m motivated to say these things because every day I interact with people who feel the exact opposite of what I feel. The thing we have in common is that we are inconsequential beyond expressing our opinions from the comfort of our cozy still-intact homes.

You may know the ancient adage of “two wolves fighting within us.” Summarily, there’s a good wolf and a bad wolf at war in each of us. The one you feed eventually wins the fight. But I digress.

Don’t I think it’s scary to let those “strange” Muslims in our country? Well, I figure the choice comes down to giving in to fear or living up to “home of the brave.”

Carry on.


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