For the Record: I’m Not Angry

I am unabashedly anti-Trump, anti-ignorance, pro-free press and pro-America. However, today I hope I have finally risen above the anger which grew logarithmically from my very core following the 2016 election.

The entire world is pointing at America’s self-indicting president with befuddlement. The writing is on the wall. For all practical purposes it’s OVER folks.

Mark it down.

I will go to sleep tonight knowing I am on the correct side of future history. This might come across as a “neener neener” thing, but I don’t mean it that way.swamp

The president is being protected by the GOP majority in Congress … for now, but I believe the war on main stream media is not one Republicans will want to fight in their individual political campaigns. Some are beginning to realize that when you “drain the swamp,” which sometimes includes main stream media, those homeless swamp creatures start wandering into your back yard. Republicans will turn against Trump or lose the majority. Either way, the Donald bites the dust.

Most Trump supporters I encounter seem to take some kind of morbid pleasure in the anger and frustration of people like me. Perhaps they feel they are transferring the anger which caused them to vote for Trump in the first place.


That’s neither important nor consequential.

In the back of my mind I had been hoping the Trump presidency would end before I lost my ability to forgive the ignorance that elected him. But that’s not a personal issue for me anymore. I am not angry. Neither am I giddy about the inevitable collapse of this president. I’m merely focusing on the horizon where hope yet lies.


4 thoughts on “For the Record: I’m Not Angry

  1. Sadly for you, though not for America, you’re delusional.

    President Trump isn’t “the problem” for your sort. In point of fact, his election was just the latest and most visible sign of the American people taking their country back and forcibly reject the Left and all it stands for and all those it enables- and panders to at our expense. We started this – not with riots or other quasi-violent actions, but with votes – in 2010 when we began purging Dems from ALL levels of government.

    Think on it. Forget populations and vote counts for second in this context; how many counties in America voted for Hillary? 480-ish vs. 2,620-ish for Trump. Why forget populations and vote counts? Because of your side’s love for “diversity.” If almost every area of the country that isn’t a liberal URBAN stronghold votes against you, that should tell you that you’re not on the same side and don’t share the same loyalties as the bulk of the nation’s cultures.


    • Thanks for your thoughts, Jonolan.

      You assume certain things about me that are not accurate. Really, I don’t have a “side.” I am a registered Independent. I am anti-Trump for an infinite number of reasons. First and foremost I don’t believe he could pass an 8th grade civics test. Also, I am pro-science and staunchly against the anti-intellectualism embraced by the Far Right.

      And in a democracy vote counts do matter. The GOP has a well-established MO that includes redrawing voter districts to keep their seats, which is an inherently undemocratic and un-American practice. It’s a form of bullying that falls right in line with other practices by wannabe oligarchs like little Donnie.

      You have a right to voice your opinion about “the American people taking their country back” from “the Left.” And I’ll just add the observation that the Left are also American people.

      And, yes, the type of nationalism you describe does have momentum. It’s my hope that turns around in the mid-term elections.


  2. Ah, more proof that those on the left – no, I don’t care about your registered party; that’s to be hoped to only of marginal importance – and the rest of us don’t share a common lexicon.

    You say, anti-intellectualism whereas the rest of us say anti-indoctrination or, as I think of it – anti-clerisy. You might might to remember that “settled science” is religion in that science is never settled.

    As for gerrymandering – that’s a bipartisan thing and quite American, though also rather undemocratic to my way of thinking.

    As for the Left being Americans – legally speaking, you’re correct. You’re just not correct in any other context since they loath America and want to fundamentally change it into something unrecognizable.

    As for nationalism – One, how is nationalism bad? Two, nationalism is a right-wing thing really. The Left is equally nationalist in some ways and definitions. They just feel it towards the nation / population region / whatever that they want to replace America with.


  3. How is nationalism bad? Nationalism is completely antithetical to every moral premise of the US Constitution. Nationalism is rotten to its core. It’s a form of exclusion proclaiming a certain segment of the population to be more worthy of citizenship merely because that segment established themselves at an earlier point in time and became the dominant race and/or culture.

    And, no, the Left is not “equally nationalist in some ways and definitions.” *That* is delusional.


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